What is sinkhead??

The sinkhead is the part sit on top on each mining chip to lead away the heat so the chip can perform better and not burn down. This part is probably the most important part after the chips itself to get a performing ASIC miner.

We use pure copper for thermal conductivity

Copper heatsink are more expensive than traditional aluminium heatsink plus the weight is greater. However other fun fact appears when using pure copper.

  1. Copper heatsink has a superior thermal conductivity 69% better than aluminium.
  2. You reduce the number of ASIC chips by 40% and run with higher frequency 40% increasing the chips performance hasking rate.
  3. You still reduce the power consumption with additional 30%.
  4. You pay more for copper heatsink production but you saved this cost by reducing the numbers needed.

Do not take our word for it, check the facts.

The numbers are very clear and scientific documented years back. The copper (401) thermal conductivity compared to aluminium (237) gives copper a wooping 69% better thermal conductivity leading away heat in normal 25 °C environment.

Thermal conductivity results [W-m-1·K-1]


2.4mm pure copper laser-cut conductive plate. Fins 0.4mm pure copper construction.

The two parts are made separately and heated together to become a one part.

How many chips and boards are there?

PowerASIC are delivered with 192 ASIC chips 7nm on 6 boards and increased frequency on 34.3% delivering a stable hashrate on exactly 94TH/s. This is possible caused the use of copper heat-sink with an increased thermal conductivity of 69% higher than traditional aluminium. (see details on Copper)

What power supply is included?

Using only quality power supply unit with thermal control technology will ensure a high cost efficiency of the power consumption and performance of your mining

Your PowerASIC PA9-SHA256 are delivered with a high quality PSU on 3300WATT enough to play with a higher hashing setting frequency.

  1. PSU 3300W integrated.
  2. InputVoltage 220V 50Hz 30A.
  3. 2 fan 40mm., 1 x fan 60mm.
  4. Power cable 3 legs CEE 7 standard.
  5. Warranty 1 year.
What software do I get?

We include a modified version of the free CGminer what is still the best ASIC miner software on the market today. You will find links and QR/scan code in your manual following the machine delivery packet.

Do I need any additional cables or any else?


Power cable 3 legs CEE 7 standard (3 mtr.) and networks cable (5 mtr.) are included in delivery to each machine.

How long warranty do I have?

You have 1 full year warranty on your order.

Can I return my order?

We accept orders to be returned within 30 days from you received your order. Returned order must be in its original emballage with unbroken seal and unused.

Something is wrong with my machine, what do I do?

On the last 4 pages in your manual you will find an error checklist to follow. Use this to locate the error and follow the error code how to solve it.

If you are unable to locate and fix the issue please open a ticket from your member account for further help. You can include a contact phone number if required for our technical service can contact you to try locate issue.

Depend on what is the problem you will be instructed of next step to be taken

How to get service or parts to my machine?

You can order new parts and service to your machine order if required. Please open a ticket request in your account describe what you need parts/help and include order ID and a contact phone number.

How to order?

The only way to purchase an order is via this website https://asicpower.net. We do not make phone sale or sale via social media, direct email or any other alternate way. If anyone contacts you claiming they are a representative of our company this will very likely be a scam and you should not reply or answer this person.

For sale question, ordering or specific details of our product and account help, please use the ticket system in your account or send an email directly only to [email protected] Please provide valid contact information as your account email and full name.

Using our ticket system will help us track our conversation and provide you with a faster service and help.

What are the ordering process?

  1. Register your account on this website.
  2. Fill in your full contact and delivery information.
  3. Use the order form and complete payment in your account only.
  4. You will receive order email confirmation soon as your payment has been verified.
  5. You will receive exact delivery time confirmation within 7 days by email.
  6. You will receive your invoice and shipment tracking ID soon order leave our business premises.

What payment method can I use?

Since all our customers are involved in Bitcoin mining, we are offering Bitcoin deposit on an automated process to make it easier for you and save our both cost in valuta exchanges, fees and banking costs. Our deposit system is fully automated registering and confirming your purchase.

In some cases we might offer purchases on a large scale to be made with alternate solutions as other coin types or direct banking wire. In such case please contact sale via ticket and send your request.

Are there any discounts or promotions?

Buying one order bundle will save you cost per unit with transport pallet available in several sizes.

  •     6 unit order:   15,798 USD (1/2 small pallet)
  •   12 unit order:   30,396 USD (1/1 small pallet)
  •   20 unit order:   48,840 USD (1/1 large pallet)
  • 140 unit order: 325,920 USD (10ft container)
  • 280 unit order: 634,760 USD (20ft container)

For special request amount quotation please register and contact sale via our ticket system.

For ordering please register your account Order

How long is the delivery?

Typical delivery time from leaving our business premisses are on average 2 weeks time for small orders.

Large orders pallets and container delivery in Asia region are similar about 2 weeks time if no sea need crossed. Shipments seaborn will typically take 4 weeks to port in Europe area and 6 weeks to USA/Canada port area. You will get this information precise on you email delivery notification included personal tracking number.

How are my order delivered?

Small orders are delivered worldwide with DHL. Large orders pallets and containers are delivered with a few large international transport companies. The exact company are only known when we know the exact destination and port to deliver to.

Do you pay the import tax?

You will pay the import tax in your country following your country's regulations and rates. To get more information about your country's import taxes please contact your local officials.

How is toll clearance managed?

Toll clearance are different from country to country so there are no equal rule to follow. However the transport company will contact you directly and instruct you if anything are required from your part to do. To get more information of toll clearance in your country please contact your local officials.

How can I track my order?

You will be provided with a tracking number ID, website link for tracking your order and a PDF printable invoice with all the data needed as soon your order leaves our business premises.

Why do you need my phone number for delivery?

The transport and shipping company need your contact number when your packet need to pass toll clearance. They will also need to contact you to ensure someone is available to receive the shipment on your address before they arrive.

How to subscribe for testing?

You will need to register an account to manage your subscription and payment.

What subscription plans are there?

We have mining subscription plans duration on 1 day, 1 week, 1 month. You will find more details here and able to calculate the cost and mining reward associated with the subscription plans.

How do I calculate the mining reward?

The calculation is based on a 1 (one) units each of 94TH/s.

To calculate mining reward type in the number of mining units you want to calculate profit on and select time (day,week,month).

Rest of the inputs will correct itself showing calculation from current Bitcoin price, blockchain hashrate and the current blockchain difficulty level.

Following fields are fixed numbers and not editable

  • Hashrate
  • Power consumption
  • Cost KWh
  • Pool fee

Result calculation

The profit per (day, week, month) are the netto result, meaning profit you get after the subscription price and cost are deducted, except the pool fee 1% will be deducted when it rech your account balance for withdrawal.

Info! Please be aware that all results are from given time of calculation and change every minute following BTC price, Hashrate, difficult levels change.
Why are some values fixed?

The fixed value are the cost to cover for electricity the mashine use.

Why do I have to pay subscription price?

The subscription price covers the cost running the server, aircon cooling, location, staff, maintenance and many more. This price will be adjusted on weekly basic when needed why your subscription price may change next time you want to subscribe.

Why can I only have one 1 day/1 week subscription?

This service is for testing purpose. You do not need to test several times on small time subscriptions. If you want to take us upon our offer of 12 month subscription to get a powerASIC miner then this is possible and with multiple subscriptions at the same time.

But the main point is we want to sell the machines to you and not rent them out.

What payment method can I use?

Since all our customers are involved in Bitcoin mining, we are offering Bitcoin deposit and cashout on an automated process to make it easier for you and save both parts cost in valuta exchanges, fees and banking costs. Our deposit system is fully automated registering and confirming your purchase.

How do I get my mining reward?

Your mining reward are credited your Bitcoin balance everytime reward are received. As there are no specific rules and a bit of good luck involved in getting mining reward you will find the reward credited over several times during a day. The best help to follow is using the calculator to get the best estimate of the current earning level.

Why do I not get all the mining reward mined?

There are many costs involved running an ASIC miner and mining Bitcoin. These costs are paid by you and deducted from your reward when credited to your balance.

Why is the mining reward not the same every time?

Mining coin involves many parametre affecting the reward size and also involve a bit of good luck.

These are as BTC price, total hash power and difficulty level on Bitcoin why reward price vary regularly and almost never are the same.

How long time to receive my payment?

Payment of reward you can cashout one time per day from balance any time this reach minimum of 0.00001BTC.

Payments are instant paid to your Bitcoin address soon request are made.

Can I cancel my subscription?

No, all 3 of our subscription plans are active only a short period of time 1x(day,week,month) so there is no need to cancel a plan midways and no practical reason for doing so.

How many subscriptions can I have same time?

The one-day plan and the weekly plan we only allow one (1) active subscripsion at a time since this is purely for testing purpose only.

The number of machines available are limited to total 4500 units so you might find the daily/weekly plan disabled from time to time.

The monthly plan are available at all times and part of our promotion of 12 month consecutively subscription to become the owner of your own powerASIC.

You can have multiple subscription of the monthly plan at the same time and the number of available machines for rent will be increased if the need is there.

My subscription plan has expired. What do I do now?

To continue the subscribe you need to purchase a new plan available on given time. We do not offer auto renewal on any of our plans since daily/weekly plans are available only limited.

Can I know more details about the 12 month subscription plan to get my machine?

Subscribe and own it!

Subscribe for 12 month consecutively and become the owner of your own powerASIC.

This is the perfect way to get your own machine without paying a large one time sum. By starting with the subscription you literally get the machine paid in half its price by receiving mining rewards month by month until you own it.

Info! Since the subscriptions does not automatically renew each month we allow you a maximum 48 hours between your previous monthly subscription expire to you purchase a new monthly plan. This should give you enough time to act on the renewal in time.

By the end of the 12 month period we will send you a new machine to your address or contact you for a valid address if not added to your profile.

Do you offer any affiliate program?

Subscription plans offer a 5% commission affiliate program paid instant to your balance when your referral subscribe to a plan. You do not need to have a subscription yourself to promote our service and earn your commission.

You can cashout commission any time your balance reach minimum of 0.00001BTC

Affiliate link can be found in the member area. On this page you have a personal link to use in emails, social sites, websites or any place else you want to promote your link to find people register. For the more advanced users you will also have a few banners images ready to use for promotion.

Any person who follows your link and register an account will automated become your referral and show up on your affiliate member list.

Can I use my commission for purchase a subscription?

You will need to cashout any balance and then purchase your product/subscription as the ordering system are connected directly to Bitcoin and require a valid transaction to update the ordering system automatic.